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The Twilight Saga Book Review

7 Mar

The Twilight phenomenon, I have to admit that I started off being very skeptical about the whole thing.  First, I’m not into romance novels.  Second, I don’t have a thing for Vampires.  Third, I’m not a fan of non-fiction books.  However, as the book hit the theaters, movie banners were plastered all over the internet, elaborate book displays were in every Barnes & Noble, character figurines and Twilight memorabilias hit the shelves, the popularity soon became a whole phenomenon that I could not stay away from.

While at a book store one day, as a poster size carboard cut out of the book stared me in the face, I finally yet still reluctantly gave into the pressure, and curiosity led me into reading a few pages.  To my surprise, I could not put the book down.  Before I knew it, I had already finished the first couple of chapters while standing over the book display.  At this point, I had no choice but to buy the book to finish reading it later.  To my surprise, I had read the book in less than 2 days, the whole saga in a week.  Before I knew it, I had the whole box set:  Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn sitting on my shelf in my room.  I thought to myself,  “How can this be?  Just a week ago, I rolled my eyes at the sight of Twilight posters on store windows.”

It definitely was a page turner, as people have said it would be.  Throughout the book, I hated and loved it.  As I read, I complained and thought the story oozed with cheese, yet I couldn’t put the book down.  Immersed in the plot, I turned every page with angst and enthusiasm.  Even though at times I felt like I was reading a soap opera, I secretly loved all the “teeny bopper” drama that was unfolding.  I critiqued every event I read and had an opinion, good and bad, chapter after chapter.  I developed a relationship with each character within the first few pages of their introduction to the story – a feeling of pity, sadness, happiness, confusion, or even hatred with each.

To have all these feelings evoked from a book explained the intrigue and even obsession that many have developed towards the Twilight saga.  I know this book is geared towards teens, which I’m not. I am also not into Vampires nor romance novels, yet somehow, I fell in love with the Twilight saga. I give credit and much appreciation to Stephenie Meyer because it is her writing technique that really captures you. Her talent to woo and indulge you into the story, even when it’s not your “cup of tea” is amazing.

I recommend this saga to anyone, whether you have doubts or even annoyed with the whole phenomenon. You never know, you might just get sucked into it, like the rest of us.

Saga Side Note – As far as the movie portrayal, I recommend to read the books BEFORE watching the movies.  The movie version, by it self, does not deliver so it’s difficult to appreciate it unless you have already immersed yourself in the book’s story.  As mentioned in the review, it is Stephanie Meyer’s writing delivery that brings the magic in the story.  Though it is great to see a book come to life, many would agree that the images that we had all imagined in our own head while reading the book, will be unique to everyone else’s interpretation, including the movie’s portrayal.  I view the movies as merely a supplement to the saga.

XOXO, Chic Chick