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What to wear during the Winter season?

10 Nov

Winter is just around the corner but no need to put your spring dresses and skirts away!  Mix it up with a few winter essentials, and you can turn your favorite spring dress into a fashionable Winter outfit.

You must be thinking, “Umm, it’s a little cold to wear a skirt during December.”  And I do agree with that thought, which is why the #1 basic winter accessory that I love right now is… leggings!  black, gray, purple, plaid, or solid, you can pick which ever you like as long as you wear it right.  All you have to do is pair your favorite spring dress or skirt with some leggings, and you’ll be ready for Winter.

If your skirt is plain, spruce it up with fun leggings such as a textured one or stocking like with patterns.   If your skirt is already bold enough with tiers and lace or a bright spring color, simply wear a solid dark pair of leggings to tone it down for the Winter, like black or gunmetal gray.  You’ll still have the flowy look that you love while avoiding the leg goosebumps.


Only have tube and spaghetti strap dresses in your closet?  It’s hard to believe, but you can still bring this look into the Winter Season without freezing your shoulders off by wearing a blazer, which is our #2 Winter must have.  Not only do blazers look great with any kind of pants from skinny jeans to trousers, they also look adorable with a dress or skirt.  Match a basic black blazer with your dress to switch your look from Spring to Winter in 2 seconds.


You now have your legs and shoulders covered, but we all know what makes an outfit… the shoes!  You can’t go through Winter without having the perfect boots.  And lately, boots have just gotten cuter and more fashionable.  With so many different styles to choose from, you can easily find something to complete your Spring to Winter look.  If you’re going for a more casual outfit, you can finish your look with some flats or a short heeled boot.

If you want to make more of a bold statement, you can go with stiletto heeled boots with studs and/or chains, which are very popular at the moment.  And the most sought out boots of the season are the ‘too cute to boot’ booties!  No, I’m not talking about your derriere, booties are boots that cut-off at the ankles which look perfect with leggings.  There are different kinds of booties from lace up and slip ons to caged and even peep-toed.


After you’ve paired your Spring dress or skirt with your leggings, blazer, and boots, I’d bet no one would even realize that it’s the same dress you wore to the park a few months ago with your wedged sandals and straw hat during Spring break.  Thanks to these 3 Winter essentials, not only will you save by not having to get an entire new wardrobe for the Winter, but you’ll also look cozy and fashionable in your old but new getup.

XOXO, Chic Chick