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How to wear a scarf?

1 Nov

Fall is here, which means scarf season.  Here is a look at one of our Fashion Fall Must Haves – The Scarf.


A scarf is not only cozy, but it’s an accessory that will go with anything from a sweater, blazer, or even t-shirt.  Scarves come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles.  From frayed edges, one colored soft linen, to plaid, and thick knitted, don’t be scared to have fun with your scarf.  Here are a few ways to wear your must have accessory this Fall:
frayed scarf (3)


With a frayed look.  Fold your squared scarf into a triangle.  Hang the tip in the middle of your chest, then tie a knot at the back of your neck and bring the edges to the front of your shoulders or tuck it in.  This will enable you to show off the fringe on the edges of your scarf to hang over your shirt or sweater.

scarf around 2


The most common and easiest way to wear a scarf is to simply wrap it around your neck as little or as much as you want, and let the excess hang over your shoulder.  You can have both ends in the front, you can leave the other part hanging in the back, or you can even wrap it enough to wear there is no excess that hangs over.

scarf loop


A cute variation is the scarf loop.  You can get this look by simply folding your scarf in half.  Put the folded scarf around your shoulder, then take one end and put it through the loop where you folded the scarf and pull.  You can keep it lose or tight around your neck for various looks.

Hope these fashion tips helped with your scarf crisis this Fall.

XOXO, Chic Chick