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How Do I Train My Puppy?

8 Dec

The Dog – an accessory to some celebrities, a stuffed animal to kids, a companion to elders, a protector to families, a best friend to man, and to me… my happiness.  However you may view dogs, one thing is certain, dogs are kind loyal creatures who love unconditionally.  Their love is pure and without judgement. All they know is how much they love you and how happy they are when you’re around.  They ask for nothing in return — well, except for a few belly rubs here and there.  🙂

So for all the dog lovers out there, I wanted to share a few tips on dog training, as I’ve used on my dog. I’m not the Dog Whisperer or anything like that, but here’s just 4 simple tips to go by when training your loveable pooch.

1. Repetition and Consistency – Dogs do not learn from mimicking.  They learn best from repetition and consistency.  It will take several times until it registers in their head what a specific word really means.  When picking command words, make sure to keep it the same throughout the training and don’t switch it up mid or even after training.

If your command word for your dog to bring its paw up is “paw”, then stick with “paw.”  Do not switch it to “hello, shake, hi-5, etc.”  Keep your command words consistent and repeat, repeat, and repeat.

2. Continuous Praises – Dogs want nothing more but to see their master happy with their accomplishments.  Therefore, praises are just as important as the treats when training.  Your dog wants to learn, so refrain from scolding at your dog if they fail to do the trick.  Just be sure that you praise them once they finally do what they’re told – even if it’s once out of 20 tries.  Be attentive to what they are doing and praise them as soon as they do it correctly.  After several times, they’ll realize the meaning of the command word.

3. Be Patient – Training is a process, so it takes time.  Both you and your dog have to be patient with each other.  It may get a little frustrating at first, but if you follow these simple tips, you and your dog will soon be having a blast showing friends and family his/her newfound tricks.

4. Have Fun – Never forget, the most important tip of all, have fun!

To see more videos of the featured pup, visit his page on YouTube.

XOXO, Chic Chick