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What bathing suit looks best with my body shape?

11 May

Summer is just around the corner, which means “good-bye” boots and coats and “hello” sandals and bathing suits.  No matter the trends of the year, the most important thing to remember is to get a bathing suit that flatters your body shape.  Everyone falls into one of the 4 body shapes: hour-glass, square, triangle, and inverted triangle.

What people fail to realize sometimes is that your body shape doesn’t necessarily correlate with your weight.  Just because two people are the same size, does not mean that the same bathing suit will fit their body the same.  One can be a size 4 with a square-shaped body, while the other is also a size 4 with a triangle-shaped body.  Since their body shapes are different, the bathing suits that fit them the best will also differ.  Follow these simple tips, and you’ll surely sizzle in your bathing suit as you enjoy the Summer sun!

1 – Hour-Glass Body Shape

People with the hour-glass figure have similar top and bottom measurements with a smaller waist.  Show off that small waist with a two piece bikini.  This shape has it easy because almost anything will look good on your perfectly balanced body.  If you have this shape, you can wear any type of swimsuit with ease.  I mentioned this shape first because you don’t even need to read the rest of my blog.  My only advice is whatever swimsuit you decide on, just be sure you’re comfortable in it.  You have many to pick from so just have fun and pick the one you feel the best in.

2 – Square Body Shape

This body shape is also known as the “boyish figure” because it usually has similar measurements all throughout: bust, waist, and hips.  Your goal is to create curves which you can do by putting the focus on your top and bottom, away from your waistline.  Try on bright colors and/or patterns  Embellishments on your bathing suit like studs, chains, rings, and ruffles will create the curvy illusion that you want to achieve.  Bikini bottoms with side ties will beautifully accentuate your hips too.  Be careful with monokinis with this body type because instead of giving you curves, it will do the opposite.  Curvy side cut outs that most monokinis have, will actually emphasize your waist, instead of making it look smaller.  Stay away from straight tube tops, and go for triangle tops instead.  Boy cut bottoms are also a no no unless it has ruffles of some sort.  You will look fabulous in printed or patterned high cut bottoms.

3 – Triangle Body Shape

The triangle body shape is also known as the “pear.”  These body types are usually small on the top and slightly bigger on the bottom.  The illusion you will want to create is a bigger top to balance your figure.  To do this, you can wear a triangle-shaped bikini top that will create a V shape to keep the focus on your neckline.  You can also emphasize your bust line by wearing prints or a ruffle top – the tiered look is very popular this Summer.  For your bottoms, you want to do the opposite, so avoid prints, horizontal lines, strings, or any other embellishments.  The best look would be a bikini with an attached mini skirt or a bottom with a boy shorts cut.  Monokinis, which are super hot at the moment, are also great for this shape, but make sure you choose the ones that have a straight silhouette.

4 – Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The inverted triangle shape means that your top is slightly bigger than your bottom, which means that your swimsuit must have the emphasis on the bottom part for balance.  Bikini bottoms with ties or embellishments on the sides is a great way to emphasize your hips.  Have fun by mixing and matching your bikinis by having a solid color for the top and print patterns like big flowers or horizontal stripes for the bottom.  The focus will then go to the patterns on your bottom, which will create a balanced figure.  People with the inverted triangle body shape usually have broad shoulders and/or bigger bust lines, therefore I do not suggest a straight tube top like bikini.  Instead, pick a bikini top with straps that go around the neck, not the shoulders.  Halter bikini tops are perfect for this shape.

Hope these tips help you with your swimsuit shopping this Summer.  Whatever body shape you may have and whatever swimsuit you may get, one advice does remain the same, be comfortable in your own skin.  Confidence will show through anything you wear, whether it be a 2 piece bikini or a track suit.  So remember to always have fun with your fashion, wear what makes you feel fabulous, and strut your stuff like the sexy and confident girl that you are!

XOXO, Chic Chick