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What Should I Have in My Makeup Bag?

4 Aug

Makeup Heaven Must Have Seven The list below are the essentials in any person’s make up bag.  Whether you are looking for a make up list for travel and a daily make-up regiment, or you want a simple everyday look for work and a glamorous look for a big night out in the town, these 7 basic things are all you need!

1.  Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Foundation

Having the right foundation is one of the most important things you’d need because it sets the base for your look.  One of the biggest mistakes that people make when picking a foundation is that they tend to pick a color that they want to be, rather than what they really are, so it ends up looking either too light or too dark.  With Bare Minerals, it’s almost impossible to mess up the color.    You can also mix your shades to make the perfect match for your skin color.   Since it’s a loose powder, you can pack it on as light or as thick as you want, depending on what you prefer that day or night.  Bare Minerals has a natural effect covering minor imperfections you may have without looking like a mask.  Best of all, it has SPF to protect you from the sun!

2.  Nars Blush

I usually try not to believe all the hype, but in this case, it’s all true with Nars blush.  Yes – it is about $25 a pop.  Yes – it is only .16 ounces, compared to Mac’s .21 ounces.  But, it’s also a “Yes” to its smooth texture, long-lasting formula, and highly pigmented color.   The texture is so smooth and silky that it’s almost impossible to go wrong with your brush stroke.  As long as you apply with a light hand, there’s no chance for you to look like a clown.  Since most of Nars blush is highly pigmented, one or two strokes will do the job with no need for reapplication throughout the day, so the .16 ounces will actually last you for quite a while.  Not to mention, it comes in a cute portable flat and unscratchable case. 

Nars has several color choices for all skin tones, but the most universal and loved blush is “Orgasm,” which is a pinky-peach color with a light shimmer.  I have dark hair and eyes with medium tan skin, and this blush gives me a sun-kissed look.  For you blonde hair hazel/blue-eyed beauties, your cheeks will pop with a rosy flush.  It flatters all skin tones from light caramel to olive tan.  Nars “Orgasm” blush will give your cheeks a natural glow that’s suitable to its name.  😉 

3. Elizabeth Arden Eye Fix Primer

Without this product, by mid day my eyes would already have eye shadow creases, no matter what brand or color I use.  So, when I found Elizabeth Arden’s eye primer, it was a life saver.  It’s a very light cream that comes in a small tube, but goes a long way.  Simply dab a tiny bit on your eye lids and wait 2 minutes before applying your shadow.  You’ll have no crease nor smudge throughout the day, which can even last you throughout the night. 

4.  Dior Jazz Club Smokey Eye Palette

This handy-dandy little thing is your full eye makeup set that fits in your pocket.  This is that one makeup piece that you can take anywhere with you, whether it’s to dinner, club, work, or travel.  This set comes complete with brow powder, eye liner, and 4 eye shadows that can be used for both day and night.  The set is for a smokey eye look that can be toned down with their matte shadow or glamified with their 3 versatile shimmers.  It comes complete with 2 double sided mini brushes specialized for each that makes application a breeze.  Even though it literally fits in your pocket, this will look great in any purse or makeup case, and even stand on its own as a mini Dior clutch with its super chic case.

*This specific set was a Nordstrom exclusive but was also available at Sephora with slightly different shadow colors.  Other variations have been released as limited edition items.  So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this set because it’s worth every penny – your gorgeous smokey eyes will thank you.

5.  Dior Show Mascara

I have very short eyelashes, yet this mascara does wonders.  It makes my eyes pop, especially when I’m going for a smokey-smoldery eye look.  When time allows, I use a lash primer before applying mascara.  The one that works well for me is Estee Lauder’s Lash Primer, which is a mascara’s best friend.  It gives it that extra boost by lengthening and thickening my normally not so visible lashes.

6. Good Brush Set

There are several brush sets to choose from, so you just have to make sure that you pick a good quality set with the brushes that you truly need.  Most stores will have limited edition sets available during the holidays.  The essentials in a brush set are blush brush for your cheeks, shadow brushes (smudge and blending), powder brush, and an angled brow/liner brush.  Look for bristles that will stand the test of time, since you will clean your brushes daily.  Good brushes should last for years.

I currently have a Lancolm brush set for my blush and shadows with a powder brush from Everyday Minerals.  The powder brush is a flat top kabuki, especially made for mineral foundation.  The bristles are the softest I’ve ever felt and the casing is made for travel as it twists up and down like a lipstick.

7.  Lip Gloss

With lip gloss there is so many to choose from – From the variety of colors, shimmer, and consistency, it’s impossible to pick just one favorite, so I’m listing my top 5.

Chanel’s Levres Scintillantes – So sexy, it will make you start speaking in French!  Well not really, but its frosty colors are perfect for a glamorous look.

MAC Lipglass – brush or sponge, this rightfully popular gloss gives your lips a glassy effect.

Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings – I got this as a gift for Christmas and it came in a set with a lotion and body wash.  The lotion is just as wonderful as the lip gloss as they both have very subtle glitter in it that illuminates my skin and lips.

Bath & Body Work’s CO Bigelow Lip Tint – a favorite for those that love that minty fresh taste.  Its menthol is soothing to the lips while giving it a glossy shine.

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush – lip shine in a tube tastes yummy and gives my lips a kissable sparkle.  Priced at only $5 a tube, you should not only have this in your makeup case, but also your purse, work drawer, car, pocket, book bag, and night stand.  🙂

I hope my Makeup Heaven Must Have Seven helped you come up with your own beauty must-haves.  With so many options out there, it’s sometimes difficult to pick my faves.  I’m sure my list will change by next month already.  If you liked any of the items on my list, just click on the picture and it will link you to the store they’re available at.

XOXO – Chic Chick