Live in Style

Living in style to me means living the way you want to live and loving every minute of it. Putting your mark in the world applies to your everyday living. The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you carry yourself, is all about how you want to represent yourself to the world.

One of the little ways I leave my mark in this world is by making a statement with style. From my pink frosted nails to my skinny jeans and stilettos, you’ll know it’s party time with the ladies. White sneakers with comfy sweat pants and a ribbed purple tank shows I’m ready for a jog at the park with my dog. And a yellow tiered sundress with cork sandals and floppy hat, means a lazy day at the beach. While a gray pencil skirt, fuchsia lacey top, with a matching fitted blazer means I’m ready for a productive day at the office.

Whatever day it may be, fashion is a part of everyone’s life. Even the girl who says, “I don’t care about fashion and style, I’ll wear jeans and a T-shirt everyday.” Hate to break it to her, but that’s a fashion statement on its own. Her everyday look of jeans and a T-shirt is her style.

So to sum it up, to live in style means expressing yourself to the world. You don’t need to wear the latest fashion trends, nor look like all the girls in the magazines. Just by being you, you’re leaving your mark in this world — and that’s living in style.

XOXO, Chic Chick


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