Pirate Dinner Adventure Show Review

4 Feb

The Pirate Dinner Adventure is an interactive show geared towards playful kids and adults who wanted to be pirates once — located in 2 opposite areas of the U.S., Buena Park, California and Orlando, Florida.   It’s an adventure that has potential but lacks the “Argh” that is expected from anything pirate related.

The outside of the place doesn’t do the theater justice since it simply looks like an old building, especially when it’s located next to the Medieval Times Castle, which is an adventure with a similar concept but different theme.  However, the entrance is festively decorated as a type of saloon where adults can enjoy drinks from the bar while pirate-looking ladies and lads walk around with appetizers such as various cheeses, fruits, and meats.

The cocktails and beers are available in pirate plastic mugs, which make great souvenirs for tourists, but are over priced.  People are also greeted with flags, bandanas, jewelry, and other pirate must-haves at the door, available for purchase of course.   Though this isn’t the beginning of the play, it is the intro to the show, which is why it’s important to arrive an hour early before showtime, as stated on their program.  After a few drinks, appetizer, and laughs from cheesy jokes, a pirate then leads you and your party to your seats.

Though it is an amusing experience, do not expect an award-winning theatrical play.   The entire show is built upon audience participation, as the circular arena is divided into different colors, while each section represents a pirate, whom you are to root for through out its entirety.  The acting is mediocre, since there’s not much acting involved – more play fighting as the actors, a cast of about 10 people, jump, climb, slide, tumble, and swing around the set, which you might have already guessed, is a pirate ship.

The main attraction of the show is a lady’s performance on the trapeze, along with aerial acrobatics.  However, since the “pirate adventure” lacks a story line, towards the end, the pretend fighting between pirates and constant request of cheering from the crowd become redundant.  Especially when 30 minutes into the show, most people have already finished their “pirate food,” which literally tastes like how you’d imagine pirate food to taste like.  The dry chicken, tasteless shrimp, and decent salad is basically a notch up to a TV dinner.  Most people would agree that the best part of the show is when kids from the audience are invited on board the pirate ship in costume to be part of the show.

All in all, if you’re looking for a  fun time for your kid’s 10th birthday, this will be a fun experience for the whole party as the kids spend a day as pirates.  However, if you’re looking for a theatrical dinner show with a plot and good food, then this isn’t the “adventure” for you.  You’d be better off watching “Pirates of the Caribbean” at home with delivered pizza.

XOXO, Chic Chick


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