What Should I Have in My Makeup Bag?

4 Aug

Makeup Heaven Must Have Seven The list below are the essentials in any person’s make up bag.  Whether you are looking for a make up list for travel and a daily make-up regiment, or you want a simple everyday look for work and a glamorous look for a big night out in the town, these 7 basic things are all you need!

1.  Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Foundation

Having the right foundation is one of the most important things you’d need because it sets the base for your look.  One of the biggest mistakes that people make when picking a foundation is that they tend to pick a color that they want to be, rather than what they really are, so it ends up looking either too light or too dark.  With Bare Minerals, it’s almost impossible to mess up the color.    You can also mix your shades to make the perfect match for your skin color.   Since it’s a loose powder, you can pack it on as light or as thick as you want, depending on what you prefer that day or night.  Bare Minerals has a natural effect covering minor imperfections you may have without looking like a mask.  Best of all, it has SPF to protect you from the sun!

2.  Nars Blush

I usually try not to believe all the hype, but in this case, it’s all true with Nars blush.  Yes – it is about $25 a pop.  Yes – it is only .16 ounces, compared to Mac’s .21 ounces.  But, it’s also a “Yes” to its smooth texture, long-lasting formula, and highly pigmented color.   The texture is so smooth and silky that it’s almost impossible to go wrong with your brush stroke.  As long as you apply with a light hand, there’s no chance for you to look like a clown.  Since most of Nars blush is highly pigmented, one or two strokes will do the job with no need for reapplication throughout the day, so the .16 ounces will actually last you for quite a while.  Not to mention, it comes in a cute portable flat and unscratchable case. 

Nars has several color choices for all skin tones, but the most universal and loved blush is “Orgasm,” which is a pinky-peach color with a light shimmer.  I have dark hair and eyes with medium tan skin, and this blush gives me a sun-kissed look.  For you blonde hair hazel/blue-eyed beauties, your cheeks will pop with a rosy flush.  It flatters all skin tones from light caramel to olive tan.  Nars “Orgasm” blush will give your cheeks a natural glow that’s suitable to its name.  😉 

3. Elizabeth Arden Eye Fix Primer

Without this product, by mid day my eyes would already have eye shadow creases, no matter what brand or color I use.  So, when I found Elizabeth Arden’s eye primer, it was a life saver.  It’s a very light cream that comes in a small tube, but goes a long way.  Simply dab a tiny bit on your eye lids and wait 2 minutes before applying your shadow.  You’ll have no crease nor smudge throughout the day, which can even last you throughout the night. 

4.  Dior Jazz Club Smokey Eye Palette

This handy-dandy little thing is your full eye makeup set that fits in your pocket.  This is that one makeup piece that you can take anywhere with you, whether it’s to dinner, club, work, or travel.  This set comes complete with brow powder, eye liner, and 4 eye shadows that can be used for both day and night.  The set is for a smokey eye look that can be toned down with their matte shadow or glamified with their 3 versatile shimmers.  It comes complete with 2 double sided mini brushes specialized for each that makes application a breeze.  Even though it literally fits in your pocket, this will look great in any purse or makeup case, and even stand on its own as a mini Dior clutch with its super chic case.

*This specific set was a Nordstrom exclusive but was also available at Sephora with slightly different shadow colors.  Other variations have been released as limited edition items.  So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this set because it’s worth every penny – your gorgeous smokey eyes will thank you.

5.  Dior Show Mascara

I have very short eyelashes, yet this mascara does wonders.  It makes my eyes pop, especially when I’m going for a smokey-smoldery eye look.  When time allows, I use a lash primer before applying mascara.  The one that works well for me is Estee Lauder’s Lash Primer, which is a mascara’s best friend.  It gives it that extra boost by lengthening and thickening my normally not so visible lashes.

6. Good Brush Set

There are several brush sets to choose from, so you just have to make sure that you pick a good quality set with the brushes that you truly need.  Most stores will have limited edition sets available during the holidays.  The essentials in a brush set are blush brush for your cheeks, shadow brushes (smudge and blending), powder brush, and an angled brow/liner brush.  Look for bristles that will stand the test of time, since you will clean your brushes daily.  Good brushes should last for years.

I currently have a Lancolm brush set for my blush and shadows with a powder brush from Everyday Minerals.  The powder brush is a flat top kabuki, especially made for mineral foundation.  The bristles are the softest I’ve ever felt and the casing is made for travel as it twists up and down like a lipstick.

7.  Lip Gloss

With lip gloss there is so many to choose from – From the variety of colors, shimmer, and consistency, it’s impossible to pick just one favorite, so I’m listing my top 5.

Chanel’s Levres Scintillantes – So sexy, it will make you start speaking in French!  Well not really, but its frosty colors are perfect for a glamorous look.

MAC Lipglass – brush or sponge, this rightfully popular gloss gives your lips a glassy effect.

Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings – I got this as a gift for Christmas and it came in a set with a lotion and body wash.  The lotion is just as wonderful as the lip gloss as they both have very subtle glitter in it that illuminates my skin and lips.

Bath & Body Work’s CO Bigelow Lip Tint – a favorite for those that love that minty fresh taste.  Its menthol is soothing to the lips while giving it a glossy shine.

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush – lip shine in a tube tastes yummy and gives my lips a kissable sparkle.  Priced at only $5 a tube, you should not only have this in your makeup case, but also your purse, work drawer, car, pocket, book bag, and night stand.  🙂

I hope my Makeup Heaven Must Have Seven helped you come up with your own beauty must-haves.  With so many options out there, it’s sometimes difficult to pick my faves.  I’m sure my list will change by next month already.  If you liked any of the items on my list, just click on the picture and it will link you to the store they’re available at.

XOXO – Chic Chick


What bathing suit looks best with my body shape?

11 May

Summer is just around the corner, which means “good-bye” boots and coats and “hello” sandals and bathing suits.  No matter the trends of the year, the most important thing to remember is to get a bathing suit that flatters your body shape.  Everyone falls into one of the 4 body shapes: hour-glass, square, triangle, and inverted triangle.

What people fail to realize sometimes is that your body shape doesn’t necessarily correlate with your weight.  Just because two people are the same size, does not mean that the same bathing suit will fit their body the same.  One can be a size 4 with a square-shaped body, while the other is also a size 4 with a triangle-shaped body.  Since their body shapes are different, the bathing suits that fit them the best will also differ.  Follow these simple tips, and you’ll surely sizzle in your bathing suit as you enjoy the Summer sun!

1 – Hour-Glass Body Shape

People with the hour-glass figure have similar top and bottom measurements with a smaller waist.  Show off that small waist with a two piece bikini.  This shape has it easy because almost anything will look good on your perfectly balanced body.  If you have this shape, you can wear any type of swimsuit with ease.  I mentioned this shape first because you don’t even need to read the rest of my blog.  My only advice is whatever swimsuit you decide on, just be sure you’re comfortable in it.  You have many to pick from so just have fun and pick the one you feel the best in.

2 – Square Body Shape

This body shape is also known as the “boyish figure” because it usually has similar measurements all throughout: bust, waist, and hips.  Your goal is to create curves which you can do by putting the focus on your top and bottom, away from your waistline.  Try on bright colors and/or patterns  Embellishments on your bathing suit like studs, chains, rings, and ruffles will create the curvy illusion that you want to achieve.  Bikini bottoms with side ties will beautifully accentuate your hips too.  Be careful with monokinis with this body type because instead of giving you curves, it will do the opposite.  Curvy side cut outs that most monokinis have, will actually emphasize your waist, instead of making it look smaller.  Stay away from straight tube tops, and go for triangle tops instead.  Boy cut bottoms are also a no no unless it has ruffles of some sort.  You will look fabulous in printed or patterned high cut bottoms.

3 – Triangle Body Shape

The triangle body shape is also known as the “pear.”  These body types are usually small on the top and slightly bigger on the bottom.  The illusion you will want to create is a bigger top to balance your figure.  To do this, you can wear a triangle-shaped bikini top that will create a V shape to keep the focus on your neckline.  You can also emphasize your bust line by wearing prints or a ruffle top – the tiered look is very popular this Summer.  For your bottoms, you want to do the opposite, so avoid prints, horizontal lines, strings, or any other embellishments.  The best look would be a bikini with an attached mini skirt or a bottom with a boy shorts cut.  Monokinis, which are super hot at the moment, are also great for this shape, but make sure you choose the ones that have a straight silhouette.

4 – Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The inverted triangle shape means that your top is slightly bigger than your bottom, which means that your swimsuit must have the emphasis on the bottom part for balance.  Bikini bottoms with ties or embellishments on the sides is a great way to emphasize your hips.  Have fun by mixing and matching your bikinis by having a solid color for the top and print patterns like big flowers or horizontal stripes for the bottom.  The focus will then go to the patterns on your bottom, which will create a balanced figure.  People with the inverted triangle body shape usually have broad shoulders and/or bigger bust lines, therefore I do not suggest a straight tube top like bikini.  Instead, pick a bikini top with straps that go around the neck, not the shoulders.  Halter bikini tops are perfect for this shape.

Hope these tips help you with your swimsuit shopping this Summer.  Whatever body shape you may have and whatever swimsuit you may get, one advice does remain the same, be comfortable in your own skin.  Confidence will show through anything you wear, whether it be a 2 piece bikini or a track suit.  So remember to always have fun with your fashion, wear what makes you feel fabulous, and strut your stuff like the sexy and confident girl that you are!

XOXO, Chic Chick

Kimera Restaurant Lounge Review

31 Mar

5/5 Licks in my yummy meter 😛

Kimera Restaurant Lounge in Irvine, Ca — A hidden gem located in the middle of business buildings at the Impac Center in Orange County.  Kimera is a sophisticated restaurant with a diverse menu from burgers and pizzas to filet mignon and pastas.  The contemporary decor gives a comfortable yet exciting ambiance with modern artwork on its already eclectic painted walls.

The exterior of the restaurant is deceivingly plain and hidden as it sits in between two business buildings.  When you finally find the entrance to the place, which is in a cul-de-sac, you’ll be greeted by a person for a complimentary valet.  It is when you enter the bamboo hallway, where you’ll notice the stylish ambiance that gives Kimera its charm.

One side is for a full service dining experience, great for an intimate dinner in an open, yet still private booth, or a large party of about 8 people in tables on the main floor.  When I came here with a big group for a birthday party, the servers were very attentive and made sure the birthday celebrant was well taken care of and even surprised her with a complimentary dessert at the end of dinner.  The menu is reasonably price and very diverse, where almost anyone can find something they’d enjoy, consisting of salads, fish, chicken, steak, and pasta.

On the other side of the restaurant is a lounge/bar with an outdoor patio complete with comfy couches surrounding a large fire pit.  There’s also a separate area perfect for large private parties that is also bar accessible.  The best part of the lounge is their Happy Hour, served all night long, which consist of  pizzas, sliders, and other tasty appetizers under $9, to compliment their house wines, which are also part of the happy hour menu at $5 a glass.  And if you find yourself here on a Friday or Saturday, which usually gets packed at around 9:30PM, expect to hear music from a DJ to liven up the night.

Don’t let its trendy decor fool you — the food quality is exceptional without breaking your budget.  Kimera is a place that will surely satisfy your appetite while adding sophistication to your dining experience.

XOXO, Chic Chick

The Twilight Saga Book Review

7 Mar

The Twilight phenomenon, I have to admit that I started off being very skeptical about the whole thing.  First, I’m not into romance novels.  Second, I don’t have a thing for Vampires.  Third, I’m not a fan of non-fiction books.  However, as the book hit the theaters, movie banners were plastered all over the internet, elaborate book displays were in every Barnes & Noble, character figurines and Twilight memorabilias hit the shelves, the popularity soon became a whole phenomenon that I could not stay away from.

While at a book store one day, as a poster size carboard cut out of the book stared me in the face, I finally yet still reluctantly gave into the pressure, and curiosity led me into reading a few pages.  To my surprise, I could not put the book down.  Before I knew it, I had already finished the first couple of chapters while standing over the book display.  At this point, I had no choice but to buy the book to finish reading it later.  To my surprise, I had read the book in less than 2 days, the whole saga in a week.  Before I knew it, I had the whole box set:  Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn sitting on my shelf in my room.  I thought to myself,  “How can this be?  Just a week ago, I rolled my eyes at the sight of Twilight posters on store windows.”

It definitely was a page turner, as people have said it would be.  Throughout the book, I hated and loved it.  As I read, I complained and thought the story oozed with cheese, yet I couldn’t put the book down.  Immersed in the plot, I turned every page with angst and enthusiasm.  Even though at times I felt like I was reading a soap opera, I secretly loved all the “teeny bopper” drama that was unfolding.  I critiqued every event I read and had an opinion, good and bad, chapter after chapter.  I developed a relationship with each character within the first few pages of their introduction to the story – a feeling of pity, sadness, happiness, confusion, or even hatred with each.

To have all these feelings evoked from a book explained the intrigue and even obsession that many have developed towards the Twilight saga.  I know this book is geared towards teens, which I’m not. I am also not into Vampires nor romance novels, yet somehow, I fell in love with the Twilight saga. I give credit and much appreciation to Stephenie Meyer because it is her writing technique that really captures you. Her talent to woo and indulge you into the story, even when it’s not your “cup of tea” is amazing.

I recommend this saga to anyone, whether you have doubts or even annoyed with the whole phenomenon. You never know, you might just get sucked into it, like the rest of us.

Saga Side Note – As far as the movie portrayal, I recommend to read the books BEFORE watching the movies.  The movie version, by it self, does not deliver so it’s difficult to appreciate it unless you have already immersed yourself in the book’s story.  As mentioned in the review, it is Stephanie Meyer’s writing delivery that brings the magic in the story.  Though it is great to see a book come to life, many would agree that the images that we had all imagined in our own head while reading the book, will be unique to everyone else’s interpretation, including the movie’s portrayal.  I view the movies as merely a supplement to the saga.

XOXO, Chic Chick

Pirate Dinner Adventure Show Review

4 Feb

The Pirate Dinner Adventure is an interactive show geared towards playful kids and adults who wanted to be pirates once — located in 2 opposite areas of the U.S., Buena Park, California and Orlando, Florida.   It’s an adventure that has potential but lacks the “Argh” that is expected from anything pirate related.

The outside of the place doesn’t do the theater justice since it simply looks like an old building, especially when it’s located next to the Medieval Times Castle, which is an adventure with a similar concept but different theme.  However, the entrance is festively decorated as a type of saloon where adults can enjoy drinks from the bar while pirate-looking ladies and lads walk around with appetizers such as various cheeses, fruits, and meats.

The cocktails and beers are available in pirate plastic mugs, which make great souvenirs for tourists, but are over priced.  People are also greeted with flags, bandanas, jewelry, and other pirate must-haves at the door, available for purchase of course.   Though this isn’t the beginning of the play, it is the intro to the show, which is why it’s important to arrive an hour early before showtime, as stated on their program.  After a few drinks, appetizer, and laughs from cheesy jokes, a pirate then leads you and your party to your seats.

Though it is an amusing experience, do not expect an award-winning theatrical play.   The entire show is built upon audience participation, as the circular arena is divided into different colors, while each section represents a pirate, whom you are to root for through out its entirety.  The acting is mediocre, since there’s not much acting involved – more play fighting as the actors, a cast of about 10 people, jump, climb, slide, tumble, and swing around the set, which you might have already guessed, is a pirate ship.

The main attraction of the show is a lady’s performance on the trapeze, along with aerial acrobatics.  However, since the “pirate adventure” lacks a story line, towards the end, the pretend fighting between pirates and constant request of cheering from the crowd become redundant.  Especially when 30 minutes into the show, most people have already finished their “pirate food,” which literally tastes like how you’d imagine pirate food to taste like.  The dry chicken, tasteless shrimp, and decent salad is basically a notch up to a TV dinner.  Most people would agree that the best part of the show is when kids from the audience are invited on board the pirate ship in costume to be part of the show.

All in all, if you’re looking for a  fun time for your kid’s 10th birthday, this will be a fun experience for the whole party as the kids spend a day as pirates.  However, if you’re looking for a theatrical dinner show with a plot and good food, then this isn’t the “adventure” for you.  You’d be better off watching “Pirates of the Caribbean” at home with delivered pizza.

XOXO, Chic Chick

Brazilian Steakhouse Review

23 Dec

Brazilian Steakhouses are known for their never-ending delicious meats that are brought to you churrasco style.  This type of restaurant is usually a flat rate and can range from $35 to $60 per person, not including dessert and drinks.  Cold and hot side dishes are served buffet style, while all you can eat meat entrees are served to your table.  And if you need a little break from eating, simply flip your table topper to red.  When ready for some more, simply flip it to green.  See how many licks in my yummy meter these 3 restaurants received.

5/5 Licks in my yummy meter 😛

Agora Churrascaria in Irvine, Ca — Located in Irvine, not too far from John Wayne airport is Agora, a Brazilian Steakhouse at its finest.  Expect exceptional service from the servers who are dressed as Gauchos , while enjoying delicious meats including beef, pork, lamb, and chicken.  If you are craving a little bit of the sea, Salmon is also available.  With every dish cooked to perfection, you’ll flip your table topper from red to green every time the servers pass by.   With a romantic ambiance, this is definitely a great place for a date or an intimate dinner with several people.  If you have an appetite for tender steaks and want to visit a place with sophistication and style, Agora is the place for you.

4/5 Licks in my yummy meter 😛

Green Fields Churrascaria in Long Beach, Ca — Green Fields Churrascaria is a meat lover’s paradise, which brings a little bit of Brazil to Long Beach, California.  Their selected meats include ribs, steaks, pork, chicken, lamb, duck, and rabbit which are all carved to your liking at your table.  The side dishes are decent and compliment the meats well.  This is more of a casual dining experience that’s great for the whole family.

2/5 Licks in my yummy meter 😛

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse in Redondo Beach, Ca — A prime location in Redondo beach with a view of the ocean from your table and a small lounge for dancing, drinks, and music after dinner, gives this a potential to be a great restaurant, but with its mediocre service leaves it as a disappointment and last on the list.

The side dishes were exceptional, especially the cheesy puff bread.  Though the meat selection wasn’t as diverse compared to the other two restaurants, the few they had were delicious.  It’s a fun atmosphere as  they dim the lights around 8:30 and ladies in colorful costumes dance throughout the floor and invite guests to dance along, forming a conga line.  The one prevalent thing this place lacks is customer service.  The server was not only inattentive, but was also rude who never filled up our water glass even after asking twice.  The lively music and lights create a fun atmosphere and would be great if you’re planning a big party, in hopes they train their staff on customer service.

Satisfaction Sidenote — Even as a food fanatic, I would rather go to a restaurant with mediocre food and excellent service, than a place with great food and horrible service.  Eating out is not only to fill my tummy, but it’s a dining experience, so customer service is very important – from the hostess’ greeting to the server’s attitude.  So on that note, I doubt I’ll ever go back to Samba Brazilian Steakhouse, but you’ll defintely see me at Agora Churrascaria many times, grubbin on their delicious steaks while enjoying the service of their friendly staff.

XOXO, Chic Chick

How Do I Train My Puppy?

8 Dec

The Dog – an accessory to some celebrities, a stuffed animal to kids, a companion to elders, a protector to families, a best friend to man, and to me… my happiness.  However you may view dogs, one thing is certain, dogs are kind loyal creatures who love unconditionally.  Their love is pure and without judgement. All they know is how much they love you and how happy they are when you’re around.  They ask for nothing in return — well, except for a few belly rubs here and there.  🙂

So for all the dog lovers out there, I wanted to share a few tips on dog training, as I’ve used on my dog. I’m not the Dog Whisperer or anything like that, but here’s just 4 simple tips to go by when training your loveable pooch.

1. Repetition and Consistency – Dogs do not learn from mimicking.  They learn best from repetition and consistency.  It will take several times until it registers in their head what a specific word really means.  When picking command words, make sure to keep it the same throughout the training and don’t switch it up mid or even after training.

If your command word for your dog to bring its paw up is “paw”, then stick with “paw.”  Do not switch it to “hello, shake, hi-5, etc.”  Keep your command words consistent and repeat, repeat, and repeat.

2. Continuous Praises – Dogs want nothing more but to see their master happy with their accomplishments.  Therefore, praises are just as important as the treats when training.  Your dog wants to learn, so refrain from scolding at your dog if they fail to do the trick.  Just be sure that you praise them once they finally do what they’re told – even if it’s once out of 20 tries.  Be attentive to what they are doing and praise them as soon as they do it correctly.  After several times, they’ll realize the meaning of the command word.

3. Be Patient – Training is a process, so it takes time.  Both you and your dog have to be patient with each other.  It may get a little frustrating at first, but if you follow these simple tips, you and your dog will soon be having a blast showing friends and family his/her newfound tricks.

4. Have Fun – Never forget, the most important tip of all, have fun!

To see more videos of the featured pup, visit his page on YouTube.

XOXO, Chic Chick

What's your label?

6 Dec

We are taught that to judge is wrong, yet we live in a world of labels.  From our clothes to our religion, from our job title to our relations, and from our gender to our ethnicity.  We are forced to be branded ever since we were born.   “It’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” is the first label we are given and that’s when the judgement begins.

“My boy will be strong and athletic who will be great at sports.  I will start painting his room blue.”

“My girl will be a little princess who will love to cook and play house. I will start buying pink dresses.”

Drive a car labeled a Porsche, you are branded rich.  Graduate from a college labeled Stanford, you are branded smart.  Job title labeled as CEO,  you are branded successful.  Religion labeled as Christian, you are branded good.

Problems arise when the label does not match the person.  Problems arise when people discriminate against a specific label.  Problems arise when people begin to hate themselves for not being that label.  Problems arise when the label’s expectations deviate from being yourself.  Problems arise when people are blinded by the label.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that our 3rd level of needs is the sense of belonging.  Do labels give us a sense of belonging?  The label as a wife, the label as a college graduate, the label of the clothes you wear, the label as an Asian – does it make you feel like you belong – that you belong to your husband, you belong with the smart people, you belong with the rich crowd, you belong to a Nation?

I am not saying that our given labels are always falsely branded nor are they always true.  I am not saying that it’s wrong nor right that we have these labels.  I am simply stating that we live in a society, a world of labels.  Therefore we are forced to judge, whether we choose to or not.

The real problem is not that we have these labels, it is that sometimes people get lost in the labels and forget who they really are.  The labels do not make us — we define what the label means to us.

XOXO,  Chic Chick

How the Grinch Stole Xmas Musical Review

30 Nov

How the Grinch stole Christmas Musical at the Pantages Theater is a great show for all to enjoy, kids and adults alike.  The 90 minute musical with no intermission is perfectly timed.  It is not too short nor too long (keeping in mind the attention span of 10 year olds in the audience).

The cast is as diverse in age as the audience and features a 5 time Emmy Award winner, John Larroquette, as Old Max, the narrator of the show.  Issadora Tulalian who plays little Cindy Lou Who, will steal your heart with her charismatic character and make you wonder how that strong voice is coming from such a tiny young girl.  The Grinch is wonderfully portrayed by Stefan Karl —  you’ll hate him for his devious thoughts from his heart “that’s 2 sizes too small”, understand his anger from his loneliness, and grow to love him, all within an hour and 30 minutes.

The amazing orchestra, conducted by Ron Colvard sets the tone throughout the whole show.  The songs however, though appropriate for the story, are not as memorable as most musicals with the exception of two:  Cindy Lou Who’s ballad, which is a tear-jerker for most, and the infamous Mr. Grinch song that encourages crowd participation, which is surely a treat for all.  The whimsical set with its fun colorful atmosphere really places you in the pages of the original Dr. Seuss book, along with its vivid hues and vibrant outlandish costumes.  All in all, the musical truly brings the classic book to life.

Though geared towards a young audience, it will still capture adults that are young at heart and set the mood for the holiday season.  This heart warming adaptation will have you leave the theater (as said by Dr. Seuss himself) with your heart “3 sizes larger” than before.

Show Sidenote — If you are planning to bring a child who gets frightened easily, I advice you not to sit in the first 2 rows as I did, for the Grinch’s grinchiness might frighten a young one.  Nonetheless, I prefer sitting close since I like being able to see the facial expressions of the actors and actresses.

XOXO, Chic Chick

What to wear during the Winter season?

10 Nov

Winter is just around the corner but no need to put your spring dresses and skirts away!  Mix it up with a few winter essentials, and you can turn your favorite spring dress into a fashionable Winter outfit.

You must be thinking, “Umm, it’s a little cold to wear a skirt during December.”  And I do agree with that thought, which is why the #1 basic winter accessory that I love right now is… leggings!  black, gray, purple, plaid, or solid, you can pick which ever you like as long as you wear it right.  All you have to do is pair your favorite spring dress or skirt with some leggings, and you’ll be ready for Winter.

If your skirt is plain, spruce it up with fun leggings such as a textured one or stocking like with patterns.   If your skirt is already bold enough with tiers and lace or a bright spring color, simply wear a solid dark pair of leggings to tone it down for the Winter, like black or gunmetal gray.  You’ll still have the flowy look that you love while avoiding the leg goosebumps.


Only have tube and spaghetti strap dresses in your closet?  It’s hard to believe, but you can still bring this look into the Winter Season without freezing your shoulders off by wearing a blazer, which is our #2 Winter must have.  Not only do blazers look great with any kind of pants from skinny jeans to trousers, they also look adorable with a dress or skirt.  Match a basic black blazer with your dress to switch your look from Spring to Winter in 2 seconds.


You now have your legs and shoulders covered, but we all know what makes an outfit… the shoes!  You can’t go through Winter without having the perfect boots.  And lately, boots have just gotten cuter and more fashionable.  With so many different styles to choose from, you can easily find something to complete your Spring to Winter look.  If you’re going for a more casual outfit, you can finish your look with some flats or a short heeled boot.

If you want to make more of a bold statement, you can go with stiletto heeled boots with studs and/or chains, which are very popular at the moment.  And the most sought out boots of the season are the ‘too cute to boot’ booties!  No, I’m not talking about your derriere, booties are boots that cut-off at the ankles which look perfect with leggings.  There are different kinds of booties from lace up and slip ons to caged and even peep-toed.


After you’ve paired your Spring dress or skirt with your leggings, blazer, and boots, I’d bet no one would even realize that it’s the same dress you wore to the park a few months ago with your wedged sandals and straw hat during Spring break.  Thanks to these 3 Winter essentials, not only will you save by not having to get an entire new wardrobe for the Winter, but you’ll also look cozy and fashionable in your old but new getup.

XOXO, Chic Chick